Piston Plaster Sprayer Model T13-B3

Piston Plaster Sprayer Model T13-B3

Barand Name:TTB
Minimum Order: 1   Machine
After Sale Services:Yes
Functional training:No

Description Piston Plaster Sprayer Model T13-B3

The T13-B3 piston plaster sprayer is equipped
with an electric motor and separate gearbox for the lower mixer tank, wich makes it easier to access the components of the machine as well as easier cleaning of the tank over a shorter time period than other models.

Technical Spec Piston Plaster Sprayer Model T13-B3

ModelPiston Plaster Sprayer Model T13-B3
Driving Force 18 HP Diesel
Pump Pressure40 bar
Grading 0-8 mm
Output Volume 20-80 liter per minute
Pumping Height100 meter
Vertical Pumpingmore than 300 meter
Air Compressor200 liter
Weight820 kg
Dimension1200 * 1450 * 1650

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