Plaster Sprayer Model T6020-B1

Plaster Sprayer Model T6020-B1

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Description Plaster Sprayer Model T6020-B1

The T6020-B1 mortar sprayer machine is a device that is suitable for sparynig and transporting fluid and semi-fluid materials, wich due to its simple design makes the function of this pump very easy for the consumer.
One of the capabilities of this mortar sprayer is to change the types of stator rotorsfor different output capacities with different grading.
Other uses of this mortar sprayer includes transfer and injection of grout as well as mortar.

Feature :

- An initial mixer for preparing mortar
- Easy handling and transportation according to chassis designed wheels
- Change the pumping state according to the gearbox design
- Tank lining to prevent the entry of coarse aggregates into the reservoir
- Different nozzle heads for spraying at different levels
- Air supply for spraying by the air compressor embedded on the device
- Stator adjustment when pump pressur is low due to deformation
- Easy and fast cleaning
- The ability to spray fireproof materials for metal structures
- Suitable for injection of mortar, grout and etc.
- Spraying various materials such as white cement (friable) polymer plaster
- 2-Inch pump outlet with bypass tap

Technical Spec Plaster Sprayer Model T6020-B1

Model Plaster Sprayer Model T6020-B1
Main Engine Power380 v - 5.5 kw
Mixer Engine Power3kw
Pump Pressure25 bar
Copmressor Engine Power380 v - 2.2 kw
Output Volume 20-60 liter per minute
Grading0-5 mm
Weight 350 kg
Dimension 130 * 180 * 190

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