About Tiran Tunnel Bisotun Co

Field of Activity: packaging industry
Main Products: Shotcrete Machine Model T260، Piston Plaster Sprayer Model T13-B3، Plaster Sprayer Model T6020-B1،
Established In: 2011
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  • Multi Language ( Persian & Arabic )

Tiran Tunnel Bisotun Co. specializes in providing advanced technologies for shotcrete, injection and mortar spraying. Smile of satisfaction on the lips of professionals
and workers in the construction industry is the biggest reward that can exits the fatigue of past years from the bodies of the devoted personnel of the Tiran Tunnel Bisotun. Hopefully, due to the grace of god and the effort of the great family of Tiran Tunnel Bisotun, we will witness the presence of the well known T.T.B branded machines in all partsof the country and in the important projects in our beloved country, Iran and the world. Manufacturing of construction machinery, including shotcrete machine, plaster and mortar sprayer. Supplier of shotcrete machine parts. The company has after-sale services and warranty.

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About Tiran Tunnel Bisotun Co

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