Glass Water Packing Machine

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Barand Name:Milad Afzar Tabriz
Minimum Order: 1   Machine
After Sale Services:Yes
Functional training:Yes

Description Glass Water Packing Machine

Glass water packing device is a thermoform fill seal machine and it's used for packaging glass water and dilute liquids.

The production efficiency of the glass packaging machine is from 3000 to 15000 glasses per hour.

In glass water packaging, the first issue is the standardization of the devices

One of the important things to discuss in terms of health permits is having a stainless steel and washable body. Among the offerd models, this machine have these characteristics. The second issue with the glass water packing machine is the speed and performance. Owners of such devices, such as restaurants and shops, usually have to serve many customers in a short time. Therefore, the speed of operation of these devices is expected to meet this need.

Technical Spec Glass Water Packing Machine

Weight3.5 tons
Product Weight Packaging120-240 CC
Dimension7*2*1.5 m
Machine TypeFully Automatic Thermoforming
Production Efficiency3000-15000

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