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About Tiran Tunnel Bisotun Co

Tiran Tunnel Bisotun Co. specializes in providing advanced technologies for shotcrete, injection and mortar spraying. Smile of satisfaction on the lips of professionals
and workers in the construction industry is the biggest reward that can exits the fatigue of past years from the bodies of the devoted personnel of the Tiran Tunnel Bisotun. Hopefully, due to the grace of god and the effort of the great family of Tiran Tunnel Bisotun, we will witness the presence of the well known T.T.B branded machines in all partsof the country and in the important projects in our beloved country, Iran and the world. Manufacturing of construction machinery, including shotcrete machine, plaster and mortar sprayer. Supplier of shotcrete machine parts. The company has after-sale services and warranty.

Minimum Order: 1 Machine

The T6020-B1 mortar sprayer machine is a device that is suitable for sparynig and transporting fluid and semi-fluid materials, wich due to its simple design makes the function of this pump very easy for the consumer. One of the capabilities of this mortar sprayer is to change the types of stator rotorsfor different output capacities with different grading. Other uses of this mortar sprayer includes transfer and injection of grout as well as mortar. Feature : - An initial mixer for preparing mortar - Easy handling and transportation according to chassis designed wheels - Change the pumping state according to the gearbox design - Tank lining to prevent the entry of coarse aggregates into the reservoir - Different nozzle heads for spraying at different levels - Air supply for spraying by the air compressor embedded on the device - Stator adjustment when pump pressur is low due to deformation - Easy and fast cleaning - The ability to spray fireproof materials for metal structures - Suitable for injection of mortar, grout and etc. - Spraying various materials such as white cement (friable) polymer plaster - 2-Inch pump outlet with bypass tap

Minimum Order: 1 Machine

The T13-B3 piston plaster sprayer is equipped with an electric motor and separate gearbox for the lower mixer tank, wich makes it easier to access the components of the machine as well as easier cleaning of the tank over a shorter time period than other models.

Minimum Order: 1 Machine

The T260's performance mechanism is based on the rotor flow and the help of compressed air flow, which, with two fast and slow sped provides the ability to run extensively. One of the capabilities of this machine is concrete coated with a variety of chemical additives, metal and polymeric fiberglass, and due to the structure and design of the machine, it has the ability to run high humidity spraying materials, these changes has corrected the operating problems. Among the many applications of this device we can mention subterranean projects (Nailing), consolidation of soil and excavation. T260 features are the following: - Change the output volume using both fast and slow speed - Pumping materials with grading of 12 mm - Easy service and replacement of consumables in the shortest time possible

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