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Field of Activity : packaging industry
Main Products: Granule Bag Filling Machine، Can filling machine، Powder packaging machine،
Established In: 2004
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By having faith in Almighty God and with the expertise of domestic technicians, Kavosh Sanat Machine Manufacturing Company started its activities in the field of designing, manufacturing and selling various types of food industry machinery in 2004; this company is mainly active in the fields of machine tools such as weight packaging, powder, volumetric, types of lifts, beans sorting machines and all types of industrial driers, etc.
Kavosh Sanat Company is proud to produce high quality packaging machines that have always been exclusively manufactured by large industries such as the USA, Germany, Italy and Spain, and offer them to domestic and foreign markets.
With a total area of 2000 square meters and with the most experienced personnel and adherence to high quality, this company has been able to distinguish its production line from other competitors. In the field of manufacturing food packaging machine, we have taken a significant step in line with the progress of our country which makes us independent from foreigners.
One of the policies and goals of the company is to produce top quality products at international level; therefore, having knowledge, experience and qualified personnel have made us able to achieve significant success in this field. This company is now serving the food manufacturers community.
Taking a small step to improve quality and increase the executive capacity for manufacturing packaging machines and offering services to the industry have always been the priority of Kavosh Sanat Company. We believe that we have a long way ahead for realizing our full potential.
We are proud to have cooperated with many overseas companies over recent years such as Australia, Pakistan, Iraq, Armenia and the Gulf States.
Also, in line with the policy of respecting customer rights, a lot of attention has been given to providing installation and training services for the company's products. It is worth noting that all product of Kavosh Sanat Company include 36 months of warranty and 10 years after-sales service, and it the company has always tried to provide specialized services and meet the technical requirements of customers.

Minimum Order: 1 Machine

Special bag filling machine for filling various kinds of granular materials including: dried fruits, beans, dried vegetables, sugar and cubic sugar, pasta, pharmaceutical and chemical substances, etc. which takes place automatically. The granule bag filling machine is equipped with PLC system to control all functions of the device, a 7-inch touch screen, pneumatic or overlock sewing, and a transmission conveyor. The device functions as a load cell system (digital weighing).

Minimum Order: 1 Machine

Spice can filling machine for packaging various types of powder materials including flour, spices, cocoa powder, milk powder, etc. It is equipped with a PLC system to control all function of the device, a 7-inch touch screen, a packaging speed control system, and automatic can holder system  

Minimum Order: 1 Machine

Spice packaging machine is used for packaging various powdered materials including flour, spices, cocoa powder, milk powder, etc. It is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, PLC system, servo motor, and packaging speed system.

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