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About Noavaran Machine Company

Field of Activity : food industry
Main Products: Volumetric Filling Machine، Single Sachet Liquid and Powder Packaging Machine، Salt Packaging Machine،
Established In: 2015

From the first day until now, we have been committed to guaranteeing our products with scientific and experimental guidance to achieve the desired results with our customers, and in this regard, we have endeavored to utilize world-class equipment as well as to develop and produce R&D units to be stronger supporters for our customers. Noavaran Machine Company was put into operation in Alborz province in 2015 and has always been involved in the quantitative and qualitative development plans of the company since its inception. Noavaran Machine Company is the first company in the field of pastel lines in Iran and has a share in the self-sufficiency of our beloved country and it's one of the honors of this company. Currently, the products manufactured by Noavaran Machine Company comply with ISO-9000 and ISO-9002 quality management, occupational safety and health management and environmental management standards. Due to the variety of its machines, Noavaran Machine Company has the capability of producing according to national and international standards of high quality and efficiency in the shortest possible time with specialized after-sales support and services; and with the help of our specialized, experienced and knowledgeable personnel we lead the company towards its goals of satisfying customers and maintaining product quality. Our customers are of high value and have a complete blend of services including quality products, creative R&D, national and international experience and reliable device delivery. This is supported by a service-based approach that applies to all internal and external processes of the company.

Minimum Order: 1 Machine

Volumetric packing machine is used for packing all granular materials such as grains, cereals, nuts, sugar, salt, detergent powders, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and so on. The wrappers used for bulk packaging are shell cellophane, polyester, aluminum foil, and most roll wrappers.

Minimum Order: 1 Machine

Single Sachet Liquid and Powder Packaging Machine is used for packing all kinds of liquid and concentrated liquid such as lemon juice, sauce, animal oil, vegetable oil, salt, sumac and so on suitable for single and restaurant use. The power consumption of the device is 2 kW and single-phase or three-phase. The PLC system is automatic and equipped with a troubleshooting system. The quadruple language menu and easy-to-operate software are the features of single sachet liquid and powder packing machine.

Minimum Order: 1 Machine

The powder packing machine is capable of packing all kinds of powder materials such as salt, spices, flour, pharmaceutical powders, chemical powders and so on. Noavaran Machine Powder Packing Machines have digital PLC, HMI, Persian touch screen menu, automatic diagnostics system and more. It uses a variety of wrappers like shell cellophane, polyester, aluminum foil, and most rolls.

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